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Is a Conveyancer Needed While Selling a Property?

Before beginning your marketing effort, it is advisable to have your Section 32/Vendor Statement and, in some situations, a Contract of Sale prepared when selling a property. The legal conditions, items that are included or excluded, and any unique criteria, including settlement duration, are all outlined in the contract.

Before listing your property, have an in-depth discussion with us about your circumstances to guarantee a seamless procedure.

Furthermore, it’s critical to comprehend your disclosure obligations in order to prevent any problems that can cause a deal to collapse before settlement.

When selling a house, get conveyancing help from us right now. We can help you buy a property as well.

A Conveyancer's Role in the Selling of Property

Similar to purchasing a house, selling a property has a number of legal formalities and complications that can be daunting for any homeowner. In the conveyancing process, an expert conveyancer for sellers is essential. Throughout the selling process, a conveyancer serves as your reliable advisor, handling crucial duties that improve the worth of your deal.

They take care of things like property searches, drafting contracts, negotiating, and making sure the exchange of contracts goes smoothly. With their proficiency in home conveyancing sales, they are able to recognise and resolve any possible problems, guaranteeing a smooth and trouble-free property transaction.

By working with a conveyancer with experience in conveyancing for sellers, you can take advantage of their extensive understanding of the procedure, which will guarantee a smooth and worry-free sales conveyancing experience.

Getting Started

Our conveyancing process for sellers initiates with vital property searches to address potential issues. We handle all paperwork, from preparing the contract of sale to negotiating changes and guiding you through contract signing after offer acceptance.

Sealing The Deal

We ensure a seamless transfer of ownership through efficient contract exchange, handle mortgage discharge paperwork, and guide all parties to readiness for settlement. A meticulous pre-settlement audit guarantees accurate calculations.


Representing you at settlement, we ensure a smooth process, verify title documents, and assure accurate settlement monies. Post-settlement, a prompt notification signifies the official transfer of property ownership and settlement of outstanding payments.

Our Approach

Personalised and Streamlined Solutions for Your Property Transactions



We strongly advise creating a Section 32/Vendor Statement and, in some situations, a Contract of Sale prior to starting the marketing campaign if you're ready to sell your property and have selected an agent.


Signing of the contract

Upon finding a buyer and signing a legally binding contract, the buyer is usually required to pay a deposit. Usually, your legal representative's or the selling agent's trust account holds this deposit.


Section 27 Deposit Release

If you would like to access the deposit that was paid for your property in Victoria, you can use the money for investments or another purchase before the settlement takes place.



Settlement, which is the day that keys are exchanged and the ownership of the property is transferred, is arranged according to the terms of the contract and can have varying timeframes.

Section 27 and Contracts in Property Selling

Upon finding a buyer and the agreement becoming enforceable, the buyer usually pays a deposit. Usually, the selling agent’s trust account or your legal professional’s trust account holds this deposit.

We do not charge any costs to do this. In Victoria, you can use the deposit you paid for your property to finance another investment or purchase before settlement.

It is possible to start this procedure prior to or following the sale, and it usually takes up to 28 days to complete. Please be aware that certain dates and processes may vary. Find out more about property transfers today.

Settlement Day

The contract indicates the date of settlement, which is when ownership of the property is changed and keys are exchanged. We will work with your bank to arrange for the release of any mortgage secured by the property during this waiting time. On the settlement date, or when you leave the property, it is crucial to make arrangements for the necessary utilities to be withdrawn from your name.

The purchase price will be adjusted in advance of settlement to reflect shared expenses as stated in the Contract for Sale, including water and council rates as well as strata fees. Additional adjustments may also apply based on the contractual terms.

Advantages Of Using Us

Selling Your House and Conveyancing: Frequently Asked Questions

Property searches, contract preparation and negotiation, contract exchange, managing mortgage discharge, settlement coordination, doing mandatory chores, and transaction completion are crucial stages for sellers in the conveyancing process.

For sellers, conveyancing is essential because it guarantees compliance with the law, promotes a seamless transaction, safeguards the asset, helps with negotiations, and gives them peace of mind when selling.

Preparing legal paperwork, searching properties, drafting contracts, overseeing settlement coordination, and providing direction and counsel are all part of a conveyancer’s role.

Although not required, hiring a conveyancer is recommended when selling a house because of the complexity of legal processes, paperwork, and dangers. Throughout the procedure, a conveyancer offers expert support, handles problems, and guarantees compliance.

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